Tankless and Hybrid Water Heaters

Hot water when you want it!

A tankless water heater is a super-efficient hot water heater that heats water only when desired, allowing the consumer to abandon the conventional water heater with all it's inefficiency, for the targeted cost and energy saving technology of on-demand. The many benefits of a tankless water heater include a 40 percent average energy savings, an endless supply of hot water, two times the appliance longevity of your standard tanked water heater, space reclamation (a real biggie in San Francisco's mini-apartments), and no wasting energy on a standing pilot... need we go on?

Professor Plumb is a factory-certified installer of many brands of tankless water heaters - Bosch, Takagi and Eternal - with years of hands-on technical troubleshooting and maintenance experience, with factory training and factory relationships that help us support you, the end user with OEM parts and warranty support.

If you are experiencing issues with your tankless and need help to get reliable hot water for your home or office, we know all about your specific tankless machine and more importantly how the tankless relates to the fixtures in your home.

And did you know that the manufacturer's recommend a yearly preventatve maintenance for your machine to take care of all the moveable parts and keep your tankless running smoothly?  We can help you take care of your tankless, so it keeps taking care of you.

Maybe you are interested in Tankless for your home or office? We’d love to work with you to determine whether the technology is right for your situation, and if so, which unit would best suit your water usage patterns. Because there are so many variables in a given site and application, we can only provide a specific estimate after an on-site evaluation.

Just give us a call or schedule an appointment today!