Steam Heating, Radiators, Saunas, Steam Baths, Steam Showers and Systems

You're getting warmer!

Steam is an extremely popular means of heating a home or business, and there are dozens of different kinds of systems. Forced-air. Radiant. Radiators. Hot water. Retrofit. Hybrid. The list goes on. In a city whose buildings are as diverse as its people, the differences are especially apparent. Each system has a specific set of nuances and tics that make it exceptional.

Professor Plumb specializes in designing, installing and maintaining steam heating systems. We upgrade radiator networks, and we design/build fresh systems that complete the look and feel of new construction projects.

With 30 years in the Bay, we have the exposure and the experience to know the subtleties of the many different steam applications you’ll find here. We know how they work, and how to fix them.