Radiant Heat and Hydronics Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Sustainability and Comfort.

Hydronic Radiant heat provides gentle, all-over warmth, even on the Bay’s most blustery days. Hydronic systems operate by running heated water through a variety of emitters: air handlers, baseboard panels, radiators, or pipes concealed beneath your flooring, or in your walls and they leave your space bare foot comfortable and cozy

Professor Plumb knows how important warmth is to your quality of life, so if you have a troubled in-floor or panel hydronic radiant system, we can help with troubleshooting and maintenance services to get your system up and running.  Our team has years of experience in the myriad of applications the Bay Area has to offer and can diagnose many problems: system issues, water distribution issues, water generation issues, control issues.  We can even put together a comprehensive report on the overall health of your system, with recommendations for repair or replace, so that you can make more informed decisions on your next best step.

But it doesn't stop there: we specialize in the designing & building of fresh systems that complete the look and feel of remodel projects like those for SF's Sightglass Coffee Roasters on 7th Street & 20th Street.  More importantly, because when all is said and done we want you to have the best system possible, we invest the time at the forefront, into engineering a system that is rooted in real physics and actual math, tailored to your particular application.  This thorough approach guarantees a custom-built system that maximizes your energy efficiency, minimizes cost, and ensures you comfy & cosy.

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