What Distinguishes Professor Plumb is our collaborative style and substantial expertise. We work with you to pinpoint your area of need, facilitate detailed communication from start to finish and craft a professional solution with your specific needs and priorities in mind.


With our Industry’s Best 2-year craftsmanship labor guarantee, we set a precedent for quality and trust!

We guarantee that we will be there for your project every step of the way: from inception to completion and beyond we support you with expert advice, available options, project updates, seamless contractor coordination and communication that keeps you abreast of progress.

We guarantee that your technician is an educated professional who has studied his craft, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

We guarantee to call you back when you need us, within 24 hours. We guarantee that we will give you an Industry’s Best one-hour arrival window.

We guarantee that we use only the highest quality, professional-grade parts in our work.

We guarantee that we diligently source local purveyors of green products and equipment. The better to protect your family and the environment!

We guarantee that as licensed Green Plumbers, we always keep an eye fixed on conservation and efficiency.

Standards of Excellence

We guarantee our work and the materials we use...

We guarantee our craftsmanship and support the manufacturer’s warranty on parts for the industry-standard minimum of one year. Unfortunately, sometimes things break. We’re out to make lifelong friendships and partnerships with our customers. If you have a problem, call us and we’ll be there for you.

We’re all about sustainability...

As a certified Green Plumbing firm, we believe that taking care of the earth isn’t just a good thing; it’s an obligation. We know everything there is to know about conserving resources, and we help our customers find reliable and affordable ways to reduce their environmental impact.

Often that means implementing high-efficiency hot water and heating systems. But it goes beyond that. In any project, whether we’re selecting materials or engineering a system for maximum efficiency, we’ll always choose to sustain, rather than deplete the Earth.

Case in point: our entire office is outfitted with recycled and repurposed materials, from desks and chairs to bookcases and file cabinets.

We consider plumbing an art...

Call us idealists. Plumbing isn’t just a matter of rooting pipes and fixing leaks. Done well, it’s an art and a science. We place a huge emphasis on both. We consider our plumbers artisans, and we invest heavily in their continuing education. On the science side, in any installation and repair project, we crunch numbers and come up with comprehensive plans based on solid math and physics. Putting in the time up front ensures all of the systems we design and install will work as they should across their lifetimes.

We believe in respect, courtesy and professionalism...

When you hire us, you’re inviting us into your space, whether it’s your home, office or field site. We hand-pick and vet our staff, and we only hire people our team would feel good about inviting into our own homes.

We bill by hour and by material...

We don’t hide costs behind a per-task or fixed-rate policy. Transparency keeps our customers and us happy. We believe that the more our customers know, the better off we all are.

Your problem is our problem...

We take emergencies seriously, and we handle them in a way that minimizes stress. We do our best to demystify our work and to explain the problems you’re facing. This helps to educate you on how your systems work, and how you can keep them running well into the future.

We’re fast, yet thorough...

We can sometimes measure the time between a call for help and a completed job in minutes, though sometimes a problem requires more time and skill to correct. You can rest assured that while we are efficient, we won’t rush out to get to the next customer. We’re 100% with you, crafting a job well done.