Professor Plumb takes pride in it's company culture. We understand that our success is directly linked to how we work as a team. Over the years we have developed a few tenants that we strive to practice everday.

Company Culture:

Excellence –
In all I do I deliver my best.  I aim for excellence in my interactions with everyone involved.

Positivity –
I focus my energy on the positive outcomes of whatever I am involved in and work with my team and customers to create a mutually positive outcome in whatever I do.  I think good thoughts and speak well of others.

Education – 
I am always improving on my ability to be the best at what I do.  I am constantly learning, growing and mastering my craft. I focus on the path of Kaizen - “constant and never ending improvement".

Integrity –
I always deliver on my promises, I am honest in all of my dealings.  I treat everyone with the same honesty, good intention and trust that I want for myself.

Ownership –
I take ownership for everything in my work and personal life.  I acknowledge that the first step in changing my outcomes is accountability.

Balance –
I work to live, not live to work.  I take care of my daily business so I can spend time with my loved ones, rest, renew and re-inspire! 

Continuity –
I am consistent in my dealings with all people in my life so that they know that they can trust me, that they can rely on my professionalism, and that I have their best interests in mind at all times.

Communication –
I am present for all of my interactions with others and understand that communication is the response I am getting from the other person.  I bring unity and clarity to all my interactions, focusing on positive solutions.

Value –
I bring 100% quality to all my undertakings and bring value to my community through my contributions both personal and professional.

Professionalism –
I present myself with professionalism, self respect and self confidence at all times.  

Success –
I work toward success in all my endeavors and celebrate my own success and the successes of others, because I understand that when others are successful, I am more successful. Systems - I use systems to manage situations.  If something is not working, I focus on reshaping the system to achieve the desired result, before focusing on people solutions. Teamwork - I always bring my best to my team, to share the everyday workload, because teamwork makes the dream work.