High Efficiency Green Plumbing Solutions

Green is the new gold.

Installing high-efficiency and “green” plumbing fixtures is an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment without impacting your quality of life!  What's even better? Eco-friendly plumbing can also save you money on your energy bills.  You can do good and feel good after all!

With California drought conditions a daily reality in our lives, saving water wherever we can is a must.  Curious about what you can do?  Professor Plumb would be delighted to come out to your home or office and perform a water audit (a key component of our Green Plumber's training) to identify real-time ways that you can help make a difference.

And if an even larger scope of environmental responsibility is on your agenda, we can help you to audit your building's energy usage and institute energy efficiency upgrades.  Whether you want to improve the energy efficiency of your kitchen, your apartment, your home or your office, we can help; we specialize in high-efficiency and sustainable plumbing solutions!

So, whether you are starting small and just want to repair or replace your plumbing fixtures, or if you’re remodeling for a fresh new start—get in touch.

The high efficiency fixtures we work on include:

High Efficiency Boilers for Maximum energy efficiency.
High Efficiency Water Heaters for maximum efficiency in Tanked water heaters.
WaterSense and High Efficiency toilets designed to flush well and save thousands of gallons per year!
High Efficiency shower heads for water savings without sacrificing comfort.
High Efficiency, Water-saving faucets for optimum operation with water savings.
Hot water re-circulation pumps, designed to put otherwise wasted water back into your boiler for reheating.
High-efficiency washing machines built to wash well and save water.
High Efficiency dishwashers built to clean your dishes and save water.