Commercial / Mechanical Services

Keeping San Francisco Unique.

Professor Plumb is proud to provide expert commercial plumbing and mechanical services to some of the Bay Area’s most respected businesses and contractors. We craft solutions that solve challenges, deliver great results and create a foundation of successful partnership by designing cost-effective maintenance programs, tailored to the specific needs of your facility, with your long-term success in mind.

Energy Efficiency: Serving Historical San Francisco means we inevitably run into older buildings, with aged equipment, that are often badly in need of energy retrofitting.  Professor Plumb can help by assessing your building's energy systems and control scenarios and hand-crafting a customized and cost-effective plan for optimal energy-efficiency improvements.  Reducing utility consumption = energy savings and environmentally sustainable results.

Boiler Service:  Proactive maintenance works: take care of your equipment and it will take care of you!  Professor Plumb can take the worry out of your operational needs, cut out the stress of surprise breakdowns and budget overruns, and ensure your continued facilities management success. Think smart, think maintenance!

Boiler replacement:  When the time comes to finally replace your equipment, you can rely on the expertise of Professor Plumb to help select the best option for your building load, that will perform reliably and outlast the competition.  Stay on track, stay energy efficient, and stay on budget!

Operations & Maintenance: No two buildings are made alike, and nobody knows your operational goals like you.  At Professor Plumb we recognize your individuality and partner with you to tailor a service plan that suit your needs, improves operations and streamlines system maintenance.  Our budget-conscious service plans are designed to surpass your facility maintenance goals, keep you abreast of operating issues and identify when it's time for replacement.