High Efficiency Hot Water Heaters and Boilers

Upgrading to a high-efficiency boiler can help you save on your energy bill and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Boilers have always been the backbone of human comfort, providing hot water and heat throughout the chilliest months of the year. With recent advances in technology, today's boilers operate at incredible efficiencies: the newest high-efficiency condensing boilers run at 92–98 percent efficiency, far surpassing the 62–67 percent efficiency of tanked water heaters. What does that mean to you?  That means that for every dollar spent on energy, you get up to .98 cents of usable heat!  With numbers like that, one can see that upgrading your hot water technology to a high-efficiency boiler can really help save you money on your energy bill while you help the environment by reducing your home’s carbon footprint.  Proof that you can do good and feel good about it!

We all know that nothing is worse than taking cold showers; the surprise of having no hot water is never fun, and this surprise can easily be avoided with a proper maintenance schedule: Factory protocol recommends a thorough yearly cleaning of the heat exchanger and boiler chamber, and provides a checklist of tests that ensure your boiler is operating well.  As a factory-certified service team for Lochinvar and the HTP family of boilers (including Munchkin, Phoenix and Elite Fire Tube) Professor Plumb provides top-tier maintenance and repair for these sophisticated boiler systems.

Or, perhaps your boiler is a turn-of-the-century dinosaur and you are thinking of upgrading your hot water or heating supply boiler. At Professor Plumb we are proud to design, install and maintain a wide range of boiler systems for heating and hot water supply.  So, if you’re considering a new boiler upgrade or installation, give us a call. We’d be glad to help you find the best system for your building and your budget.

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